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The benefits of photo background removal are enormous. It optimizes your product photos for multiple uses, removes unnecessary objects, enhances photo visual impact and increases conversion rates. It allows editors to edit product photos properly to make them appear more authentic and original. Here at DesignYep, we offer professional photo background removal service tailored to your business needs. Our in-house photo editors comprise talented and experienced professionals ready to help your online business generate more sales.

photo background removal service

Who Needs Background Removal Services?

E-commerce Businesses & Online Retailers

Are you a seller on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or using other online marketplaces? You need our photo background removal service. Firstly, these platforms require sellers to upload only high-quality photos. They have requirements sellers must meet before they can upload photos too. Amazon requires a white background.

It also requires high-quality product images with proper margins, compressed and resized to shape. Background removal helps eliminate faults and noises so that online shoppers can focus on the main products. It improves product images, which impacts sales positively. When image quality improves, conversion rates improve too. So, hire professional image background removal to take your ecommerce business to the next level

photo background removal service
background removal service

Photography Studio

Do you have a photography studio and need a professional background removal you can trust to help with the workload? DesignYep is here for you! We have assembled a team of expert and experienced editors to give our clients the best services. Our image background removal services are done by hand. We don’t automate them or use shortcuts.

So, if you’re running a photography studio and have large volumes of photos and you want to remove their backgrounds, we are here for you. We offer competitive rates, and we will get the job done satisfactorily. For us, it’s 100% customer satisfaction or nothing. Contact us today; let’s start working on your project. 

Newspapers & Books Publishing

Background removal enhances a product photo or image generally. It removes the noise and fault from the background, allowing people to focus only on the item or person(s) in the photo. When advertising in newspapers, you want the focus to be on the item or person. You don’t want anything else in the background to distract prospects. The same goes for books.

That’s why here at DesignYep we have assembled a team of expert editors who know how to make images pop. We remove background images professionally to improve the quality and appeal. We can change the background from plain to something more appealing and authentic. Just let us know what you want, and we will deliver.

image background removal service

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How It works

How Our Photo Background Removal Service Works


Visit the pricing section to see the various plans we have on offer and choose a suitable package. Place your order. We will notify you when we receive your order.


Send us copies of the photos whose background you want to remove. In addition, we would like you to send us a brief. Let us know what you want the final edit to look like. No brief? No worries. We can come up with something that you will like


There is no need to brainstorm if the project involves removing the background and changing it to a white background. Brainstorm is necessary when the project involves something more complex. Our team likes to come together and brainstorm before kick-starting photo editing projects

How Design Yep Works


The draft is ready! We would like you to check out the draft and make comments. If you want something different, we can make it happen. Note that this is only a draft to give you an idea of the final job.


Your photos are now ready for download. You can download and use them for whatever purpose you desire.


If you are happy with our photo background removal service, we would like you to give us a review. We also encourage you to recommend our services to businesses that need expert background removal. We say thank you in advance for this kind gesture.

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Why Choose Designyep Background Removal Service?

Why DesignYep Is A Great Choice

Affordable photo background removal services

Have bulk photos whose backgrounds you want to get rid of? DesignYep is a wise choice. In addition to delivering the best photo background removal service, we offer competitive rates

Quick Turnaround Time

We know you have a deadline to meet. We won't disappoint you! Our team is ready to kick-start your image background removal projects and finish them in record time once we get your nod

Quality Background Removal

No agency does background removal like DesignYep. We have a capable and talented team, passionate about photo editing and hungry for more success. You'll get nothing but the best photo editing services from us.

Clients Feedback

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Pricing Table

Expert Image Background Removal Service & Pricing ​Plan



  • 1 Image
  • Image Type - Simple
  • 3 Steps Quality Check
  • Delivery Time - 1 Days
  • Printable Resolution File
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee



  • 1 Image
  • Image Type - Medium
  • 3 Steps Quality Check
  • Include Source File
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Delivery Time - 1 Days
  • Printable Resolution File
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee



  • 1 Image
  • Image Type - Complex
  • 3 Steps Quality Check
  • Include Source File
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Delivery Time - 1 Days
  • Printable Resolution File
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee

Some Of Our Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do photo background removal services entail?

Background removal is the process of getting rid of an image's background. The aim is to make the image more focused. When you remove the faulty background from an image, you have taken away the noise and distractions. This means online shoppers or prospects can focus on the main product.


Background removal is necessary for Amazon sellers. Other online marketplaces recommend this too. Amazon requires an image background to be white, so the product can appear eye-catching. The white background allows customers to focus entirely on the product.



Background removal may seem like a simple term, but it’s not. You must have sound knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and follow guidelines to remove backgrounds from product photos. The process can be time-consuming too. So, instead of wasting time trying to remove the background of your photos, you can send the workload to us.

How is your product background removal done?

First, you need to know that we do background removal manually. Yes, it's 100% manual, using sophisticated tools. We don't use automation or shortcuts. And this allows us to enhance the quality of product photos and ensure the job is done according to your requirements.


We use Adobe Photoshop’s premium version to perform background removal. We use pen tools to clip the product photo and remove the background. It's a tricky process but one that we enjoy doing.

Why is background removal important?

If you have an online store and want shoppers to fall in love with your product at first sight, then you need a professional photo background removal service. Background removal takes away the noise in the background. It removes the fault or distraction that can easily divert the attention of your potential customers or leave a bitter taste in their mouths. You don't want that to happen, do you?


So get professional background removal from experts in the field. Make your product more appealing and authentic with professional photo editing.

How much does the background removal service cost?

Several factors determine the cost of background removal service. These include the project's complexity and volume. If the project is complex, the charges would be higher. You will spend more time on such projects too. However, simpler background removal would take less time and cost less.


The bottom line is getting the best image editing services to enhance your photos and multiply sales. Outsourcing background removal projects will be easier if your business generates enough revenue.

How soon can you deliver my order?

Our team always works hard to meet client's deadlines. So, rest assured that we will meet your deadline. We consider the complexity and volume of editing projects to determine the duration. So, please send us your photo editing projects. We will assess them and let you know when to expect them.

One thing that should make you satisfied with our services is our quick turnaround time. We will deliver your orders in time to meet your deadline.

What if the quality doesn’t meet my expectations?

We can assure you that this won't happen. Why? We always allow our clients to view and review the drafts before completing the final job. We will make all the necessary adjustments per your comments on the drafts.


100% satisfaction guaranteed. That’s what we offer. Anything short of this, then you’ll get back your money. However, please give unbiased feedback on the draft so that the final product can have the necessary changes.


The quality we offer will meet your expectations. We will ensure it does. We have been in this industry for over 7 years and have completed hundreds of background removal projects. So, we have the experience and workforce to deliver a good job.

What background removal software does DesignYep use?

The market is awash with various photo background removal tools. However, we use Adobe Photoshop Premium. This tool has all the features we need to deliver the best quality photo editing. On the other hand, it's quite a complex tool.


You need to have the required skills and knowledge to use this tool. It can be confusing, time-consuming, and worse if you don't know what to do.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with our customer support to learn about the availability of discounts for bulk orders. We appreciate you for using our services and trusting us with your work. Rest assured that we will not let you down.


We have assembled a team capable of editing complex and simple photos, delivering the quality clients require.

Will background removal reduce the quality of our photos?

No, it won't happen. On the contrary, the quality of the image will be enhanced. Our photo background removal service is tailored to improve products' appeal. We want your product images to appear shiny and dazzling so that potential buyers won't have any option but to bring out their credit cards and click the buy button.