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Change To Terms and Conditions  

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The Use Of Cookies:

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Payment And Renewal

General Terms:  

When you choose a plan or package on this website (Designyep), the next process involves payment for that plan, and work commences once payment is verified.  

Your decision to pay for the plan means you agree to pay the one-time, monthly, or annual subscription, as agreed and authorized by you (Including other payments that could be included for other services rendered for which you’re aware of and approved). Your payment will cover the stipulated duration and the services rendered. 

Automatic Renewal:

Unless you notify Designyep before the end of a subscription that you wish to cancel and not renew payment, your subscription will be automatically renewed the following month/year, and you’ll be obliged to pay the regular fee for the monthly or year. Note that we may collect the payment using any credit card or payment mechanism on our record for you.  

Designyep Services:

You agree to pay Designyep the applicable and reoccurring fee when you choose a plan on this platform. Designyep also reserves the right to alter the terms of use and fees within 30 days, though you will receive prior notice. 

You can cancel your subscription before the project commences. Please write to us at Support@designyep.com stating your reason for the cancellation. Note that you may receive a full or partial payment if work has started. 


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User-Generated Content: 

Users can communicate freely with us and interact with others on this site via comments. However, we advise everyone to avoid using derogatory statements or remarks toward others while expressing their views. You can express yourself and relate any complaints, suggestions, misunderstandings, or challenges to us via our official email. 


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