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Your company logo has the potential to make or break your brand image. That’s why DesignYep has assembled expert designers, NOT MACHINES, to create unique logos tailored to your business. Humans are wired to recognize symbols.75% of people recognize brands by their logos. So, get premium business logo design services to get a custom logo to create a good first impression. With our logo design service, you’ll stick in prospects’ and customers’ minds, stand out from competitors, boost brand recognition and gain control over your brand identity.

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What We Offer

Our Custom Logo Design Services Features

Custom Logo Design  

Roughly 94% of the world population recognizes coca cola logo. 73% of customers trust and are likely to buy from a brand they know. Your logo is your brand identity.

So, create a good first impression with a professionally designed business logo. We design all our logos by hand. You’ll get a custom logo that will capture your prospect’s attention and stick in their minds. Our logo designers have many years of experience working with diverse industries. We know how to create logos that captivate, inspire and make your brand easier for prospects and customers to remember. Create a strong identity for your business with the best logo design. 

custom logo design services
business logo design services

Logo & Business Card Design

Do you want people to remember you after a brief introduction at a networking event, meeting or social gathering? If yes, you’re just a click away! Business cards serve as marketing tools to build relationships with partners and prospects. A professionally designed business card with the perfect combination of colors and style will captivate and stick in people’s minds for a long period.

We offer the best business card design services you can find. We design cards that capture attention and are so easy to remember. Our business cards will make your business appear more professional and trustworthy. We have the experience and know what works best.

Logo & Brand Identity

60% of consumers will avoid doing business with a brand whose logo they find ugly, unappealing, or odd. This position holds firm even if the said brand has positive reviews. This is why brands love DesignYep. We know how important a logo is to a business. We assembled a talented and experienced team of designers to give our clients the best logo design services.

We will build your logo from scratch to make it unique, appealing, and perfect for your brand. Have some ideas? You can share them with us. We will work with you to ensure your logo design idea comes to life.

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How It works

How DesignYep Logo Design Services Works


We offer affordable logo design services, as shown in the pricing section. So, check each package and choose the ideal one for you.


Tell us your ideas, and we’ll take it up from there. You’ll get a draft formed from your ideas. No logo design idea? No problem! Our logo designers will come up with something irresistible for your business.


We will create the draft and have you review it. Once you’re done, we’ll make the necessary adjustments and make the final workavailable.

How Design Yep Works


Once you review the draft, we will make all necessary changes and finish the design work.


Your logo is now ready for download. Download it and upload it on all the platforms representing your brand.


Your feedback is important to us. Feel free to leave a review for us. We also appreciate clients recommending our services to others.

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Why DesignYep Custom Logo Design Services?

Personalized Logo Design For Your Industry

Our professional logo designers will give you designs specific to your industry and business. We will read your brief and create a stunning logo that caters to your business needs.

Affordable Company Logo Design Services

Our logo design services are affordable, a reason we are many clients' favorite. We won't empty your wallet just because you want the best logo for your business. We will get you a stunning logo without breaking the bank.

Quick Turnaround Time

We have many logo designers ready to pounce on logo design projects. We are 10X faster than in-house design teams and offer 24/7 customer supports service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Pricing Table

Logo Design Service Pricing ​Plan



  • 2 concepts included
  • Logo transparency
  • 5 Revisions
  • 24 Hours Delivery Time
  • Printable file
  • Include 3D mockup
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee



  • 3 concepts included
  • Logo transparency
  • 10 Revisions
  • 24 Hours Delivery
  • Vector file
  • Printable file
  • Include 3D mockup
  • Include Source File
  • Social Media Kit
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee



  • 5 concepts included
  • Logo transparency
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 24 Hours Delivery
  • Vector file
  • Printable fille
  • Include 3D mockup
  • Include Source File
  • Social Media Kit
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logo design?

Logo design or logo comprises a self-explanatory image that people can associate a brand with. It informs your audience and gives them something to connect or associate your brand to.

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It has the potential to make or break your brand. A logo comprises symbols or text used to identify a brand. It can also include symbols only.

A logo helps your customers understand your business better. It helps them to understand who you are, what you do, your industry, your business niche, and what you value.
Almost everyone in the world can recognize coca cola logo when they come across it. They don't need anyone to tell them it belongs to the company.

A study in 2010 confirms that 69% of three-year-olds can recognize McDonald's logo. Again, this shows you how unique logos can be.

Why Should I acquire a custom logo?

The first reason is that you have a business. The second reason is that your business needs an identity. A logo helps to validate one's professionalism. It allows people to build trust around your brand too.
Every business, including yours, needs a benchmark. That's where the logo comes in. It lets prospects understand who you are, including how you differ from the rest.

A logo sets your business apart. It gives it a unique visual identity that no other business has.

Can I use my own image in my business logo design?

If you have an image or symbol you would like to use in your business logo, feel free to share it with us. We work according to the client's instructions.

Furthermore, please let us know if you have designs that you would like us to consider when creating your logo. We will look at the designs and create something superior and unique for your business.

Your logo has to be unique and professional to stand out. Your customers should be able to identify your logo whenever they come across it without thinking twice.

How can I get a logo from DesignYep?

We provided details on how our logo design service works on this page. You can look it up. However, our services are straightforward.
For logo design service, the first step is to choose a package. Check the various packages on offer and choose based on your budget.

The next step is brainstorming and idea creation. If you have any ideas you want to share, we would like to hear and see them. The team will brainstorm and try to create a unique logo that will define your brand.
After brainstorming, we will proceed once we get a suitable design for your brand. When the draft is ready, we will signal you to review it and suggest any changes you may have.
We will make the necessary adjustments and make the final logo available for download. Use the logo on your website and all other materials tied to your business.

Why do I need to get the best logo design for my business?

You don’t need any specific thing to request our services. Just check the pricing, and choose a package. Then, place your order to proceed.
If you have any samples, you can show them to us. You can also provide a brief regarding the logo design you seek.

Our designers are always ready to create. They are always looking out for the next client whose face they'll put a smile on. Rest assured that you'll be happy with our professional logo design service.

How much does your logo design cost?

The prices of each design service are on the page. You can go through the page to choose the package that suits your budget and business need.
Our professional logo design service is affordable. We want companies to get their dream logos without emptying their wallets.

We only request that you recommend our services to others if you like our services. Feel free to ask for a revision if you need any adjustments to the logo we created for you.

Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. So, if you must be satisfied with the product and services you're getting. If you're not, feel free to inform us so we can improve.

Do you do all of your work?

At Designyep, we understand that visuals are the soul of any business and cost of image editing can add up quickly. But the good thing is that our prices are competitive. We want you, our esteemed clients, to get the best quality photo editing services without breaking the bank. You can check out our prices and see for yourself. 

How long does a logo design take?

Your logo design can take between 24 hours to a week. We can only give you a fixed time once we assess the project to know its complexity and even kick-start it.

As professional logo designers, we can tell how comprehensive a logo is or would be, so we can give clients a substantial amount of time to work.
We have a quick turnaround time and don't believe in a rush. The primary focus should always be to deliver quality, not timeline. Just contact us. We’ll tackle that design issue that brought you here satisfactorily.

Why should I trust you with my logo design project?

We are DesignYep a graphics design agency endowed with graphics designers comprising the talented individuals. We have the right blend of experience and creativity to give you the best business logo.

We have been in this logo design business for over 7 years and are doing fine for ourselves. You will get a unique logo for your business to set you apart.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Can I request a revision if the final logo has been designed?

Yes, you can. Your 100% satisfaction is what gives us joy. So feel free to request revisions until you get what you want.