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Do you have a business service vehicle? If yes, you need our car wrap design service. The benefits of designing your business vehicles are enormous. It boosts recognition and builds trust around your brand. Custom car wrap designs are another excellent and cost-effective way to advertise your brand to a wider audience. Studies show for every mile a car wrap is driven; it generates 600 impressions. 72% of customers claim vehicle wrap ad has a massive positive influence on their opinions.   

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Get Our Car Wrap Custom Design Service

Care/Vehicle Wrap Design Service

Have service vehicles or cars? Then waste no time! Let’s transform them with custom wraps to help create more brand awareness in your local business area. Let people know your business still exist and its booming via a captivating vehicle and car wrap custom design. Our custom wrap design service is tailored to give you vehicle designs that suit your brand.

Your company’s products or services don’t matter. Even banks can create more awareness with custom car wrap design. So, whether you have an Electrical, Landscape, Plumbing, Painting, Home Repairs Company, HVAC, Carpentry, Auto Repair Professional, or Restoration Company, etc., Get the best car wrap designs from us today and create more awareness for your brand.    

car wrap design
car wrap designer

Motorcycle/Bicycle Wrap Design Service

Do you want to introduce yourself to the world as a biker or cyclist with huge potentials? Or, does your company own multiple bicycles or motorcycles for transporting goods or delivering services to urban areas and hard-to-reach places?

Here is an opportunity to use the best car wrap design service to turn your motorcycles or bicycles into powerful advertising channels for your business. One wrap can generate over 30,000 to 70,000 views daily. So, wrap designs are a cost-effective way of advertising. With a perfect blend of color, brightness, styles, and wrap shapes, your wrap designs will stay in your target audience’s mind forever. You will be the first brand that pops up in their minds when they need the kind of services you render. 

Bus/Truck Wrap Design Service

One thing that sets DesignYep’s car wrap design service apart is that we design car wrap graphic for anything, both static and mobile. Even your buses and trucks aren’t spared. We create the best designs to make your brand more popular and easy to remember.

If you have an idea you wish to bring to life, we have the perfect car wrap designer for you. Have a transport line? Then turn those buses and trucks into advertising channels and generate revenue for your transport company. Does your business uses trucks and delivers diverse services? Let us know so we can highlight all the services without making the wrap designs appear too busy.  


Check Out Samples Of Our Car Wrap Custom Design. Like What You See? Place An Order Or Contact Us To Start Today. 

How It works

How Our Car Wrap Design Service Works


Choose a suitable package and place an order. You will get an email notification confirming your order. Have a deadline? Let us know in the order form. We want to ensure you are satisfied and happy with our work.


Our car wrap design service is straightforward. We will swing into action once we confirm your order. Have ideas, color themes, style, and brightness you which to see on your car wrap design? Let us know. Don’t have a design idea? No problem.


Our brainstorming sessions are always lively and productive. This is where we develop killer wrap design ideas that will sweep your target audience or anyone who sets their eyes on your wraps, off their feet.

How Design Yep Works


We create drafts to allow our clients to influence their designs in the best possible way. We will inform you whenever your drafts are ready for review. You can view your drafts at your convenience and make recommendations. Don't like the draft? We can develop another idea and draft it for you. Just tell us what you need.


We will notify you when your wrap designs are ready for use.


Do we deserve a positive review for a job well done? Are you happy with our car wrap design service? If yes, give us a review. In addition, you can recommend our services to other businesses that may need them. We highly appreciate it.

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Why Choose DesignYep Car Wrap Design Service?

100% Customer Satisfaction

For us, your satisfaction is our top priority. We treat your business like ours. Our wrap designers are ready to do all it takes to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our work. Your success is our success!

Elegant Wrap Design

What's a wrap design that looks elegant? The perfect combination of colors and tones, flexible and adaptable! We create light but sophisticated designs that captivate and keep eyes hooked on your brand. Our wraps are just too irresistible!

Quick Turnaround Time

Have a short deadline? You have come to the right place! We create car wrap with design in record time. We know you have a deadline to meet, and we will never disappoint you.


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Pricing Table

Car Wrap Design Service Pricing Plan



  • 2 Sides
  • Print Ready Files
  • Delivery Time - 3 Days
  • Premium HQ vector Based Design
  • Include Source File
  • 2 Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3D Mockups



  • 3 Sides
  • Print Ready Files
  • Delivery Time - 5 Days
  • Premium HQ Vector Based Design
  • Include Source File
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3D Mockups
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • License File
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 3D Mockups



  • 5 Sides(Full Wrap)
  • Print Ready Files
  • Delivery Time - 5 Days
  • Premium HQ Vector Based Design
  • Include Source File
  • Include Source File
  • 5 Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car wrap design?

Car wrap designs consist of printed designs created by graphic designers and writers. You need a professional writer to provide the perfect texts to convey your brand message. Vehicle wraps comprise images and texts. And they serve diverse purposes.


The main purpose of a vehicle wrap is branding and to create brand awareness. A single wrap can create as many as 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily. You can use well-designed wraps to announce a new product, service or awards earned by your company. You can also use wraps to pass information about your brand to the general public.


Another way you can use car wrap designs is to cover dents, faded paints or any damage on your car. It will cover the damages perfectly without anyone knowing what you’re trying to hide.


Advertise your brand across your community most appealingly and professionally. Get durable and professionally designed wraps to announce your business to a wider audience and keep reminding your customers about your brand.


The beauty of wraps is that they generate so many impressions and reach audiences that can visit your physical location to patronize you.

Is painting cheaper than car wrap?

In earnest, painting is cheaper. However, you'll need more than one coat of paint, making it more expensive overall. In addition, painting is not as flexible as car wraps. You can change your car wraps and give your vehicle a new look.


So, if you have multiple vehicles you want to design, car wraps are the best option. You can get eye-catching wrap designs that will last for years. In turn, you'll save costs and generate more leads.

What makes you different from other car wrap designers out there?

That is a very good question! First, look at how car wraps can make or break your brand. If your car wrap looks professional and well-designed, your business will feel the impact positively. You'll be able to convince prospects to trust you. And your customers will trust you even more.


We understand the importance of having well-designed car wraps. That's why we took over 8 months to assemble a team of wrap designers to bring you the best. Our focus during the recruitment was experience, creativity and passion. And we are proud to say that we have one of the best wrapping vehicle graphics design teams in the industry.


Your car wraps advertise your brand, so do not settle for a below-average or average design. Get professionally-designed car wraps that increase your brand reputation and make your business the talk of the town.

Will wrap destroy my car paint?

Most people who have not used a car wrap since they existed will claim car wraps damage car paint, but this isn't true. On the contrary, car wraps protect the paint from the elements of weather.


You can also remove car wraps without damaging your paint. Pull it off gently, and nothing will happen to the paint. Again, note that the paint quality you're using matters greatly. If you're using low-quality paint, you can talk about how car wraps will affect your paint.


High-quality paint will remain intact even if you design the entire surface with a car wrap. You will even preserve the paint more when you use car wraps.

Can I take a car wrapped with a design to a car wash?

Yes, you can! Professional car wash understands how to wash cars with wraps without damaging them. The best advice is to use an automated brushless wash. You can use hand wash or just the spray without a brush. Brushing the wraps will degrade their appeal. And you don't want that.


Ask your car wash how to wash a car with wraps to gauge their knowledge of dealing with such cars. Don't go to a car wash that doesn't know or have experience watching vehicles with wraps.

How much does your car design service cost?

Several factors determine the price of car design service. So, please visit the pricing section to see the various prices. However, factors like the volume of your order and the complexity of the design play a huge role. 


One thing is certain; we offer a competitive car design service. This ensures that clients get the best designs without draining their revenue. We offer high-quality and affordable car wrap designs to meet your business needs. You can contact us to kick-start your project right away.

What car wrap material is the best?

While several car wrap materials exist, many designers prefer vinyl wraps and consider them the best. You can use vinyl wraps to conceal damages and dents on your car. They look good on cars and are a breeze to remove.


Vinyl wraps have had some modifications, and different types now exist. We have cast vinyl wrap and clear and colored vinyl wraps.

How soon can I get the wrap design I ordered?

You will get your car wraps as quickly as possible. However, we need to access the requirements to understand how complex the design is. Then, we will create the best design for you.


We will communicate how long your design project will take to you.