Are you an icon designer or among those asking, “How much can a single icon design cost? Or, you’re a brand that wants to know how much icon design is. You’re in the right place!

We will unveil details about icon design pricing and other crucial information you need to know. However, every brand requires a custom icon. Icons help brands to demonstrate their strength and uniqueness, and communicate virtually to potential clients. 

A well-designed custom icon can have a massive impact on your brand. As an icon designer, being able to create quality icons would set you apart. 

Once again, we’ll discuss the price of a single icon design and other related information to enable you to make an informed decision. Read on!

What Is An Icon? 

What Is An Icon-2

Icons imply visual representations of specific objects. You can view them as simplified drawings of real things easily recognizable. These include things like a house’s outline, a phone, or even a paintbrush.  

An icon isn’t a mark. While a mark does not have meaning, an icon does. They can have a massive impact on a brand. You can even use icons to improve your website’s user experience.  

A Handy Tip:  The ultimate goal of an icon is to deliver a message or concept to users effectively and fast.  

Icons ensure the correct information or messages are delivered to the audience, optimizing navigational capabilities and ensuring that visual representation remains consistent. 

How Much Can A Single Icon Design Cost?

There is no fixed price for icon design. However, you should expect to splash around $100 – $500 to get a custom icon.  

The price could go higher, depending on the icon designer. Some professionals enjoy charging a premium because they don’t care if the brand is small or not. But the truth is, you can find affordable icon design. Just look around, and you’ll find one. 

A Handy Tip: Affordable doesn’t imply cheap or subpar design. It means the icon designer has a conscience and understands that businesses (especially startups, small businesses, and freelancers) have small budgets. These businesses also have other financial commitments but need icon design because of its importance. 

The Icon Design Pricing Structure You Should Know

The price of a single icon design may vary based on the individual designer. However, here is the pricing structure to expect from icon designers. 

Icon designers charge per hour:

Most icon designers prefer the hourly rate. Why? Charging per hour allows them to get a payment that matches their effort. 

Most icon designs are pretty complex and may take more time. Icon designers working on such intricate designs will be seeking maximum compensation. 

There are various tools to keep tabs on what the icon designer is doing on their computer for hourly rate projects. 

So, if you’re an icon designer, you can charge an hourly rate. Most designers do it. Furthermore, if you’re a brand seeking icon design and are uncomfortable paying per hour, consider the other pricing options below. 

Icon design charged per project: 

Many brands prefer the “per project” charge for icon design, as it allows them to know the amount they’re investing. 

The icon designer has to consider the project’s scope, complexity, and deliverables to determine the amount to charge clients. 

Factors To Consider Before Deciding Single Icon Design Cost 

Here are factors icon designs look at when fixing prices for their services. Clients can also consider these factors when designers give them the cost of their services. 

1: The simplicity of the project: 

Some icon designs are simple. Thus, designers don’t need to invest much time and effort into creating them. Much detail isn’t required in such icons. Designers can deliver the finished project without extensive research or multiple revisions. 

If the icon design project is simple, expect the designer to charge lower fees. However, the charges could be higher if the design is complex and requires custom illustrations or multiple revisions, which can be time-consuming.   

2: The effort the icon design project demands:   

All design projects aren’t equal. Some are time-consuming and require much effort from the icon designer. The designer must sketch, constantly review the sketches, and perform other functions such as digital rendering and revisions. 

All these things take time and effort. If the designer has other jobs, they have to be on hold. However, a time-consuming icon design job that saps the energy and attention of the designer will cost more.   

If the designer spends more time on the project, there is no way such a professional will charge a low fee. If the project pricing plan is per hour, the icon design project could cost way more. 

3: The icon designer’s experience: 

An icon designer’s experience can prove handy in most projects. That’s why clients treasure such designers. They can use their expertise to create unique icons that can significantly impact the client’s business. 

In a nutshell, clients value designers with experience and expertise in the industry. Some of these clients even pay a premium to hire such designers. 

4: The icon’s usage right:

Who owns the icon? Did the client agree that you retain ownership of the license, or do you have the exclusive right? 

The icon’s usage right is a crucial topic you and the client need to discuss at the project’s beginning or final stage. But it would be better to have such discussions at the beginning of the project so both of you can set the record straight.   

Must-know Tips On Icon Design Process

How do you design an icon? Check out some essential tips that will guide you to create impressive icons. 

1: Decide the size of your icon. Do you want small, medium, large, or extra-large icons? Just ask the client what they want so that you can create the correct size. You can share samples of the measures mentioned so the client can decide. 

2: Give the reason you’re creating the icon. What do you plan to use the icon for? Ensure you communicate this to the designer so that the icon can be designed to fulfill that purpose. 

3: Always deploy a grid

4: Start your icon design with geometric shapes

5: Utilize curves, angles, and corners to ensure precision

6: Use consistency in the design elements

7: Don’t over-utilize decorations and details in your icon design

A Handy Tip: It is not compulsory to create an icon. You can use a picture as an icon by personalizing it. However, it is best to create an icon. It delivers a different feel and attracts more respect. 

The Different Icon Sizes You Should Know

Do you know the different icon sizes? Well, first, let’s understand that different sizes of icons exist. You’ll find them in the GUI system. Additionally, icons’ sizes vary depending on the operating system in the smartphone, computer, or tablet one is using. 

Here is a breakdown of the various sizes of icons. 

The small icons. These icons measure 16 x 16 pixels. 

The medium icons. The medium icons measure 48 x 48 pixels. 

Large icons. These icons are twice as big as the medium icons. They measure 96 x 96 pixels. 

Extra large icons. These icons measure 256 x 256.

Icons are important. And they are even more important in this digital age. Icons help improve people’s lives by delivering understandable concepts and messages to people much faster.  

Icons are also vital for learning, as they help people to understand and process information or concepts faster.


You can see the response to the question, “how much can a single icon design cost?”  You should expect to pay around $100 to $500 for icon design. The price varies from one designer to another. Different factors also determine the price.

These include factors such as the complexity of the project, experience of the icon designer, time and effort required for the project, and usage rights. An icon design that is complex and time-consuming will cost more. 

Icons are essential in this digital age. They help pass information and concepts to users quickly. Note also that different sizes of icons exist. You’ll find small, medium, large, and extra-large icons.