Quotes, photo captions, or cutlines (all refer to the same thing) are texts used to explain or elaborate on a published photograph.

Quotes can positively or negatively impact the readers and the writer. You can also use them to grow your social media accounts or online business. 

Here are some photo editing quotes you should know. 

Tips To Enable You to Draft Killer Quotes

Whether you use only text or pictures (or both) to communicate your ideas, putting the right message forward is what counts. 

Here are tips to help you draft killer quotes. Of course, the impact will be felt on your social media audience. You can grow your audience, strengthen your relationship with your fans and record higher sales if you use the right quotes. 

 Now, here’s what to consider when drafting your quotes. 

1: Use a request post:

Request quotes can drive higher engagements. They also record the highest engagements on social media platforms like Instagram. 

What are request quotes anyway? As the name implies, a request post involves asking your audience or general social media community to perform an action. 

An example of a request quote is the “friend tag” quote. For instance, you can write “tag a friend who would love this pant:” And remember, you have to display the pant in the picture and use them as high-quality pictures too. 

Another request quote is, “what do you think of this look?” “Rate this t-shirt from 1 – 10.” You can also request your audience or visitors to click on your bio and purchase a product. 

However, posts that drive more engagement are the ones that let people have their say. You can grow your social media account and direct traffic to your online store or business. 

The asking type of quotes not only drives engagement but helps strengthen your relationship with the audience. Remember that every good quote will get people talking, sharing, and purchasing your product. 

2: Consider character limits when drafting your quotes:

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have character limits. And yes, you can convey your message to your audience within the set limit. 

How do you keep tabs on character limits? You can use a character count tool. Here is an example of a character count tool. You can also use any similar tool. 

Keep your message within the character limit. Just draft the quote, even if it’s long. Then use the character count tool to trim it down to the limit set by the platform. 

Just ensure you convey your message within the set character limit. Another idea is to use emojis on some days. You don’t always have to use text. 

As I said earlier, the bottom line is to convey your message. 

3: Decide the tone for your quote:

Before writing a quote, you must decide the tone you want the post to take. Is it a motivational, heartfelt quote or a story you want to share? You have to decide first before writing anything. 

Once you decide on the tone, you can focus on drafting caption ideas. Write several caption ideas and pick one from the list. 

A Handy Tip: Quotes are powerful and can have a massive impact on your brand image. Like branding, ensure you stick to a particular type of quote. 

If you grew your social media page using motivational quotes, you must continue in that line. Your audience already knows you as the publisher of motivational quotes, so don’t deviate. You’ll confuse them and appear unserious if you start posting other things. 

4: Brainstorm:

You now have a tone for your quotes. Bravo! It’s now time to start publishing quotes that turn heads. 

The first question you must ask yourself is, how do people write witty quotes? What steps do they take? 

The steps they take are similar to the ones we have mentioned here. So, you can equally draft witty quotes. 

Since you already have a tone for your quotes, the next step is to start brainstorming. Write down several quote ideas while brainstorming and pick from that list. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t discard any quotes or bother yourself with editing when brainstorming. Just write down as many quotes as you can. You can do the editing and fine-tuning later. 

Here Are Some Photo Editing Quotes You can Use:

    1. You can regret many things in life, but you can never regret being kind to others.
    2. Friends are like stars, constantly coming and going, but the ones that remain burn as bright as the sun. 
    3. Tag a friend you think would look good in this pair of shoes. 
    4. If you could pick one item from this picture, what would that be?
    5. Why do you love your sweatshirts? Tell us, we’re listening!
    6. When life throws you in the mud, wear these boots and get traction. 
    7. Though it may seem like you’re alone, you’re not alone! We’re here with you and want to let you know that your time to explode is near!
    8. You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.
    9. I like myself the way I like my coffee: bitter, dark, and too hot for you!
    10. As long as you have your dog’s love, you have everything. 
    11. You know you have made it big when your idols suddenly become rivals. 
    12. We put our customers first and coffee next. 
    13. Have you been dreaming of a house like this? Here, it’s yours; take it and own it. 
    14. You’ll attract a queen when you start treating yourself like a king and look like one. Imagine how kingly you’ll look in these pants!
    15. Do you want to keep your feet happy? Wear these crocs!
    16. You are more beautiful than you think you are. Try these lovely gowns and see.
    17. We have a special offer for you today because you are special and dear to this world. Claim your offers now!
    18. Looking good is good business, and it shows you mean business. 
    19. A T-shirt for a wonderful soul? But who would that person be? Oh, you! Yes, you! Try these, and you’ll appreciate yourself even more.
    20. If you truly love someone, make them happy with these as gifts! You win when the people you love win. And you’ll be happy when those you cherish are happy!
    21. All you ever want is right in front of you. You have to take that bold step to make it yours. 
    22. Big respect for those who care for themselves! There’s no better way to express self-love than pampering oneself and looking good all the time. 
    23. Dress so well that the people who hate you forget they ever did when you walk by. Now, imagine yourself in these pants!  
    24. You can make it if you want. You have to keep trying till you succeed. 
    25. Padlocks need keys to open. Unlock your success with the right keys.
    26. You can be happy if you want to be. You can be sad if you want to be. Don’t blame others for your mood! Take control of your life. 
    27. Irrespective of the challenges you’re going through in life, don’t quit fighting. Challenges are phases and only last for a while. You’ll see that soon. 
    28. If you believe in yourself, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Doubters always find it hard to make progress in life. 
    29. What inspires you in this picture? 
    30. Turn your dreams into plans and cants into cans.
    31. The future belongs to folks that believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin.
  1. I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life. I am getting ready for some wild and insane adventure. 


Photo editing quotes can have a positive impact on your brand or career. So, use them properly. 

If you start using quotes, remain consistent. If your quotes are motivational, stick to them. Don’t try to deviate. Your audience already knows you publish motivational quotes, which is why they follow you on social media. 

Deviating from the post your audience already knows you for can create confusion. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll be viewed as an unserious person. 

You can grow your social media account using photo editing quotes. Again, you don’t always have to post quotes about your business or product. Just ensure your quotes are worthwhile.