High-resolution and sharp images can set an online store apart. Such photos send key messages to potential customers, capturing their attention. 

To improve image quality, online retailers may require a professional photo editor. And photo retouching is one of the services offered. 

When a professional retouch your photos, the quality will improve, and your brand will have the exposure needed to capture a wide range of potential customers. 

Retouching photos is one way to improve them. Other techniques exist, but we’ll only dwell on retouching for this specific post. So, continue reading to get more details. 

What Is Photo Retouching?

To “retouch” imply to improve the appearance of something. In the case of photos, retouching means getting rid of any defects in photos or making them sharper and more appealing.   

A professional image retoucher has retouched the photos of models you see in magazines. That’s why they appear wrinkle-free and sharp in these magazines. The expert has taken care of all the defects in the standard photos. 

So the essence of retouching a photo is to improve its quality. Retouched images are often sharper, neater, clearer, and more appealing than the original. But remember, the output depends largely on the professional handling the retouching. 

Photo retouching handled by well-trained and experienced professionals stands out. So if you want your online brand to attract more customers and attain its full potential as a leading brand in your niche, use professional photo retouching service for all your product images. 

It’s the same advice I’ll give to individuals looking to advance their careers.  

Why Retouching E-commerce Product Photos Is Important

One unique thing about online businesses is that customers can be from around the world. You can have your business in the United States and attract buyers from China. That’s why eCommerce is special and offers massive sales opportunities. 

Those customers far away won’t be able to check out the item they’re buying in person. They have to depend on the image and a few texts from the seller to decide whether to buy the item or not. 

This explains why online businesses must strive to keep their product images top-notch. Here is the importance of photo retouching. 

1: Improves the appearance of product images:

Research shows that well-polished and realistic images appeal more to potential customers than to standard ones. 

Photo retouching services done by a professional will make your products more gorgeous and attractive to potential buyers. 

Professionally retouched images can tell the product’s story, amaze and make the viewers want them more. Having professionally retouched photos displayed on your eCommerce store can improve it massively. And different photo-retouching methods exist. 

You can add shadows, make adjustments, remove backgrounds, or change color and brightness. Take your product images further by choosing a combination of different photo retouching services. 

2: Builds brand image:

Branding is a crucial part of any business. It implies creating a strong and positive perfection of your business, including the products and services you offer, in customers’ minds.

Publishing high-quality images can help build your brand personality. And as you may already know, customers are seeking trustworthy brands. 

If customers find your brand trustworthy, they won’t hesitate to purchase your products or services. So, keep publishing quality product photos. Get professional photo retouching to improve your product’s image and let your brand resonate in customers’ minds.

The beauty of professional photo retouching is that it can be done in accordance with your brand’s guidelines on color, style, and logo. In the end, you’ll receive high-quality images that will make your product more appealing. 

There’s a saying that a picture tells a thousand words, which is true. Photos are powerful languages and can tell your brand story better than text.

You can use text to provide product details, but photos are far better and will prove more helpful to your marketing effort than plain text. Professional retouching can make the images more appealing and beneficial to your brand.

In a nutshell, photos are a powerful marketing tool for the eCommerce industry. Potential buyers will judge your product using the photos provided. 

Retouching helps improve images. And when you consistently publish high-quality images on your eCommerce store, potential customers will have a positive perception of your business. 

 3: Get more visitors to your online store:

Most visitors are ready to splash the cash when they land at your store. That’s the benefit of organic traffic. But even if you were getting traffic via paid ads, customers can become interested in your product when attractive images are displayed. 

How do you make a product attractive? Potential customers are not going to see your products physically. They’ll only get to see the pictures online. 

That’s why high-quality and professionally retouched product photos are essential for online businesses. Why? They attract more visitors to look at and imagine themselves using your product. And if they feel positive about using your product, they’ll splash the cash. 

You can easily convince visitors to like your product and make a purchase when you publish high-quality images. It’s okay to post standard photos, but remember that you can rake in more sales when you publish retouched photos. 

While all competitors may be able to produce high-quality, appealing photographs, professional photo retouching solutions such as Designyep can help you create even higher quality and attractive images. 

Remember that your product images are the first things your customers may encounter even before they start talking to you. And potential buyers may only decide to interact with you when they like what they see (your product image).

4: Boost your sales:

The number one priority for every business is to record higher sales. Businesses can expand, grow and even take care of themselves when the profit margin is high. 

How can you record more sales? Here is where professional photo retouching services can be of great help. You’ll get quality images that will make your product appealing to potential customers. 

A Handy Tip: We advise our clients to make their product image quality consistent. Don’t use poor-quality images for cheaper products and high-quality photos for expensive ones.

Professional photo retouching service is pocket-friendly, and you’ll reap the benefit of recording more sales. 

5: Opportunity to build your brand style:

Compare several eCommerce stores, and you’ll feel like they’re doing the same things to their photos. Some eCommerce stores have a routine of adding white backgrounds and polishing their photos. Some even add shadows to their images. 

How can you differentiate your brand from the rest? You can do so via images using professional image retouching. 

Several image retouching techniques exist. So, there’s an opportunity to make your product images unique, more appealing, and effective. 

Are Photo Retouching And Photo Editing The Same?

It is easier for people to use the terms “photo editing” and “photo retouching” interchangeably. But the truth of the matter is, they’re different things.

The obvious similarity between photo retouching and editing is that you improve an image’s quality. Both solutions make an image appear more appealing and usable for online businesses.

So, how are both terms different? Let me explain.

The difference between photo editing and retouching is the goal both processes seek to achieve. 

Photo editing is done to make the photo appear sharpened, cropped to the required size, and have the right exposure. 

Photo retouching is beyond editing. It involves the manipulation of a photo to change or improve its looks. 

In photo retouching, the aim is to achieve the editor’s artistic vision.

A Handy Tip: Manipulation is required in both photo editing and retouching. However, while simple photo manipulation is required during editing, a higher level of photo manipulation technique is used during photo retouching. 


 What is photo retouching? We hope you understand the meaning of retouching, including its importance to your eCommerce business. 

Retouching techniques are used to improve the quality of images. They make product images more appealing and unique. You can remove the background, add shadow, adjust and change color, and more. 

Retouching is also different from photo editing. It requires a high level of manipulation to make photos appear more attractive than the original copy. 

Professionally retouched photos can have a massive impact on your online business. It can help with branding, boost sales and get more people to check out your products. Retouching help differentiate your brand from the rest. 

How can you get a professional photo retouching service? Designyep is the answer. We have been providing photo editing and retouching services for over 13+ years. So, we know how to make your personal or product images stand out.